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An Annual Scholarship to Benefit an Aspiring Law Student

Bennett G. Hornstein had a fervent belief that every defendant, no matter how poor, was entitled to a good lawyer. He served for 20 years as assistant Douglas County public defender in Omaha, Nebraska and dedicated himself to helping others.


About Bennett

Bennett G, Hornstein was an inspiration to his family, friends, colleagues, and many others during his forty-six years of life. He is remembered for his love, compassion, and unwavering selflessness, even during an eight-year battle with cancer. In Nebraska legal circles he was known for his commitment to those "who were hated, who were detested, whom nobody else would help."

For those who were close to him, Bennett was much more. He displayed a dedication to his family and profession, a desire to make a difference in his community, a will to persevere against all odds, a sense of humor that was contagious, and a passion for the outdoors. One of his greatest personal achievements was climbing Switzerland's Matterhorn, one of the most difficult ascents in the world, while studying abroad during college. Bennett embraced these challenges and encouraged others to do the same. Many remember him for his passionate conversations on politics or law that would last for hours and often leave others inspired to make a difference.

Through the Bennett G. Hornstein Endowment Fund, we remember all of these achievements and their profound impact on us during his short life. It is our mission to educate and reward the next generation of attorneys who will forge their own place in their respective legal community. Bennett would insist that each applicant be given the opportunity to seek out and climb his or her own individual mountains.